We provide

  • Daily physical rehabilitation
  • Daily cognitive rehabilitation
  • Ongoing medication review and monitoring
  • Community work programs
  • Community education programs
  • Recreation and social outings
  • Ongoing support with clinical specialists
  • Family support
  • Clinical counseling
  • Facilitated family visits
  • Access and follow up to medical specialist
  • Ongoing medical support
  • Discharge planning and support

Our services

Day program

Due to the success of our residential program, and the ongoing needs of Nova Scotians with acquired brain injuries, Peter's Place launched a comprehensive day program in 2015. With an eye to improving self-sufficiency in every area possible, staff work inclusively with the individual suffering the ABI and their families to establish and monitor goals. Comprehensive improvement assessments are done monthly. Input is gathered by all care team partners so that necessary adjustments can be made to continue successful ongoing support. The purpose of this customizable 12-week program is to allow an individual to remain more independent in their home, with their family and stay active within their community.

All referrals to the day program are assessed by the program administrator. Upon acceptance, the day program will also include support and counselling for family members. Outreach planning is also included to assist the individual with the acquired brain injury and their family to develop a life plan.

Residential program

The residential program is designed for individuals who have already completed their hospital-based rehabilitation and would like to benefit further from our structured residential environment. The average stay in this program is approximately 12-18 months.

A referral to the residential program may be accepted from an individual, their substitute decision maker, or any person who has received consent or has been requested to make a referral by the individual.

•All referrals go through Continuing Care Intake 1-800-225-7225.