A six-bed home on the beautiful south shore of Nova Scotia. This facility provides intensive individualized rehabilitation programs to adults who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Peters Place was established in 1994 as a specialized alternative to the current care facilities in this province. This program was unique as the staff, building and programs were all developed to meet the needs of this population. Nova Scotians who otherwise left the province for this treatment now had an effective alternative to meet their needs.

Peters Place encourages optimal independence for all of the participants and embraces family involvement and participation. Clinical specialists such as speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapist and psychologists round out the staff complement. Length of stay is individualized and involvement in the local community is encouraged. Peters Place promotes partnering with our clients and families for optimal growth and recovery.

As Manager of Peters Place since its inception, I have had the opportunity to work with many participants who have overcome significant obstacles that many caregivers questioned whether they could.

Individual and intensive rehabilitation is effective and meaningful if you are recovering from brain trauma.